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PR expert | Motivational speaker | Author | Social media influencer | strategic consultant 

Speaker at All India Radio | Symbiosis Institute | Lakme Academy

A determined lady - Founder of website This platform is appreciated by All India Radio and a Google News verified. Proud outreach partner for Tedx. Also event partner for promoting brands. Nidhi made her 4 years old dead FB Account into one of the most engaging profile with some distinguished people & 4000+ followers on her personal profile. 

As a speaker she has been invited by Lamke Academy, Symbiosis Institute, conferences and consultancies. FII Member too. She spoke about Mental Health wellbeing, power of thoughts, Personal branding, how to use social media for branding, PR and Social Media. What should be your approach to deal with social bullying and peer pressure.

Presently, she has been working DIGITALLY from home for, last 10+ years with proven results and a successful career graph in PR, branding, digital marketing and as a Motivational speaker.

Found her calling with a digital storytelling venture, which has helped several people getting recognized personally and professionally. Crafting a better career and brand building. She is awarded as WOW Ms. SOCIAL MEDIA INSPIRE, Featured by several magazines, Received an award by Herstory Times and National excellence award. She is mentor for India's top healthcare college for start-ups. She is today leading the way as a social media influencer, motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur.

Previously she had a fortuitous career transition from healthcare administrator, to a content strategy consultant. A mom and an author. She was associated with International and Indian magazines. Written for Amar Ujala and Jindal Industries. She is an inspiration for lots of homemaker mom, and influencer too! Indeed she is leading the way with grace and aura!

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