More about Nikita Lalwani

I am an Engineer by profession & cycling advocate by Heart. 

I have cycled to work for more than 5 years and 80% of my commutes were by cycle only, I still don't own any vehicle. I am also the first Bicycle Mayor from India and one of the firsts in the World and with my global exposure and visits and exchanges to The Netherlands, Germany & other European countries, Brazil and Australia, I have learnt the depth of behavior engagement and how cycling culture can grow holistically in cities, what are the elements and how to bring a sustainable change. 
Bicycle is a simple solution to world's most complex problems- pollution (climate change), congestion and health issues so why not mainstream it ?

Right now scaling Crooze App which stimulates the use of cycling by leveraging the power of communities, rewards, challenges and content to build engagement and continuously motivate people to cycle more and build ecosystem for it to thrive.
Simply, building an internet for cycling for India.
In the next phase, we will be rewarding walking/ running and other sustainable transport modes. and will be working with Smart Cities to promote the use of NMT in citizens.
Other than India, we are also targeting other developing nations across to bring cycling back! 

I am looking for Experienced developers for our tech team and Marketing & Business Development Professionals to grow Crooze App who are fitness enthusiasts also.
Let's connect at [email protected] to know more or if you share the same passion!

Little Late Post but full of gratitude for the 2023..

It was a great opportunity for Crooze App to be the part of 40 Fitness, Health & Wellness startups cohort pitching at the 

#FitPitch during TheFitExpo at Kolkata in first week of December.
Thanks to Aaquib Hussain and his wonderful team at FreeFlow Ventures for seamless execution and amazing experience for all of us.. and most importantly making us meet all the founders who are building to make India Fit & Healthy..
Which is by far the most difficult task for anyone.. to make people work towards their fitness and health.. and on the top of it make a sustainable business around it..
Hats off to all the amazing founders I met there - Shweta Thakur Dishita Choudhary Srishti Srivastava Swagatika Priyambada Vishal Nigam, Building WTF , Modernizing Gyms Sahil Pruthi Vipen Jain Manti Pathak Vivek Krishna Karishma Chavan Prapa G. Nilashis Roy Pratik Saraogi Amith Vir @amit k.
@Sriram G from The Whole Truth Foods

it was great catch up with amazing friends from the ecosystem Eashita Maheshwary Vasishta Chary and meeting a great team member of Crooze Deepjoy Ghosh 😊

May the fitness startups tribe go bigger and bigger as we need many more solutions and the market the really big with pie for all ✌️

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