More about Nimrit Nain Gill

Work life has comprised of being a full time journalist to moving into a space of entrepreneurs and innovations. Thriving in creative spaces where curiosity has helped me understand what it takes to empower minds. The awareness that it is better to follow what you feel rather than using your intellect has further ignited the spark around empowering people via emotional wellness. The way forward in our increasingly complex lives is to find a balance with our emotional feelings and thoughts and so the work with The Quantum Clinic takes it to a newer level of empowerment. Where we heal people with alternative remedies, best diets and focus on thoughts and emotions to lead an optimum life.

Have recently launched Icawnic, a brand that talks of clean beauty products that are healthy for you and the planet. I have always been interested in clean beauty and the benefits it has. Teaming up with an ayurvedic doctor and an engineer we got our product line in shape. This new venture talks about all things you want to see in the world.

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