Featured speaker at past eChai events:
Speakers at this event:
Shaamil Karim
Founder & Chief Noorie, Diginoor
Bangalore, India
Yash Rathod
Co-Founder, Diginoor
Chennai, India
Nivedita Vivek
Co-Founder, Naksh
Bangalore, India
Srilakshmi T C
Co-Founder, Naksh
Bangalore, India
Akshit Bordia
Co-Founder, Flint
Bangalore, India

More about Nivedita Vivek

Worked with a Retail Start-Up, managing Social Media Campaigns, Strategy and Inventory Planning.

Naksha is A Unique Marketplace for the artists and artisans of India to showcase their work in the form of NFTs. These NFTs will be both digital artwork and Redeemable tokens that can be exchanged for the physical asset.

Responsible for Marketing Strategies, Planning of Drops/ Artist Collections, Onboarding Traditional Artists and Research on Traditional Indian Art Forms that can be added to the Marketplace. Also, leading the Phoenix Guild to empower women in Web3, part of the Ocean Protocol Ambassador program.

Featured speakers at eChai events