Owais Afaq

Partner & CEO, Mikaels Labs

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I love to help people understand Technology and Humans, so that we can improve business and life together.

I’m on a mission to inspire people to become Business Leaders who shape our tech-driven future.

I do that by helping them enhance their communication skills, teaching them how to collaborate with other domains, supporting them to gain cross-subject knowledge, and inspiring them to narrow down and master their own craft.

I’m the CEO of Mikaels Labs, trying to bridge the gap between business and tech by facilitating reliable, inspired, and fulfilling relationships between companies and developers.

I’ve been on stage many times, trying to explain how Business and Tech can collaborate better, just by making an effort to understand each other. I do the same here on LinkedIn through my content.

For this mission, I’ve been awarded as one of the top ten Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2016 by Payoneer; written articles for TechCrunch, GoalCast, SmashingMagazine, and have also consulted the Estonian Government for their Artificial Intelligence initiatives. I’ve also lived in United States for a short while, learning the ins-and-outs of the Startup world in Telluride Venture Accelerator, where I met my co-founder and decided to move to Tallinn, Estonia.

In 2009, I was just a stereotypical introverted guy in Karachi, Pakistan, finishing my Bachelors in Commerce, embarking on a journey of self-exploration in the world of PHP and JavaScript. When I started working as a Software Developer, it pained me to see how developers are treated as code-churning slaves with constant monitoring and restrictions. They are not given creative freedom for growth, let alone providing an environment and support to accelerate it.

I decided to change that! And so can you.

To show how it is done, at Mikaels Labs we have created a culture of trust and true freedom. As long as you have a growth-mindset, and you’re a good human-being, you can be a part of our team, and we trust you to make commitments that you can keep — how you do that, is up to you, and we’re there to help.

We invite all business leaders, and employees, to understand the importance of empathy and positive culture, and we’re here to help you achieve that — if only you want to change!

Let’s talk. I’m just a message away 💌

More info: owaisafaq.com

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