Padmini Janaki - Co-Founder & CEO, Mind and Mom

Padmini Janaki

Co-Founder & CEO, Mind and Mom

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I grew up in a small slum around Madras in the 90s, and I still remember my single mother's body, thin and tiny. She looked weak, and when I grew up a little, I found many women around me looked similar,frail and tired. I thought it was a sign of poverty. 

My mother worked in a textile as a salesgirl, I went to the shop directly from school to be with my mom, and there was an owner; she was rich and looked well-fed. I found her highly unhealthy; she suffered from obesity which I couldn't understand at that age, but I figured out money has nothing to do with being healthy, and I thought the problem is with the country.

Years passed, and in 2019, I worked in a US healthcare company. I talked to the teen pregnant girls; they're 13 and already a parent; as a product manager, I couldn't stand in their shoes and understand their reason. 

That's precisely the point I figured out Women health is under-served worldwide. Rich, Poor, Indians, Americans, EVERY woman is going through a different health issue, and not many are worried about it!

It is growing in 22% higher rate.

Then one year from that I quit my job. Here I am with Mind & Mom and 50,000 women in the platform.

Would you like to join my mission to make women have better health? Let's talk.