Pooja Dhole

Founder, Being Actualized

More about Pooja Dhole

Pooja is on the mission to help brands and entrepreneurs reach the highest potential of their business. As a marketing consultant, she has spent 4+ years creating engaging content, building better marketing strategies, and building funnels to reach their ideal client and convert more leads. 

To achieve anything great, she truly believes the courage to explore and experiment is the answer. She followed the same value throughout her career. After graduating in Computer Science and Engineering, she explored a lot of different career paths, from business journalist to analyst to content creator early in her career. Finally fell in love with digital marketing. 

This journey also helped her create “Being Actualized”, a career exploration platform where she helps ambitious people explore their ideal career path. The rule is simple: Career is like dating! Explore until you found the one, don’t settle! Once you found the one, it's easy to advance and build a better, more fulfilling life. 

Alongside a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering, she had also studied documentaries and broadcast journalism at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Her expertise in this area helps her understand market psychology and humor in the current system, which now helps her build better marketing campaigns that get results. 

When she is not developing marketing strategies or helping her client get a better career, she loves doing stand-up comedy in nearly open mics. In 2019, she was nominated as the "Top 5" comic to look out for by The Grin Evolution.

Featured speaker at previous eChai events:
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Preferred eChai Business Partners
  • All Events in City : Discover Events Happening in Your City
    #Marketing Tools
  • Hearty Mart : Hearty Mart brings the 21st century retail format to the rural and semi urban market.
    #Consumer Brands
  • Mantras2Success : Mantras2Success aims to be a one stop solution for all the career-related problems of the modern- day professional.
    #HR Tools and Agencies
  • IBGrid : An all-in-one investment banking solution for India
  • CoKarma : CoKarma is a coworking space and a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and businesses in Hyderabad.
    #Coworking Spaces
  • Redicine Medsol : Creating a device to improve medical adherence for cardiac & cancer patients
  • LegalWiz.in : Leading Legal Tech company enabling startups & MSMEs to #StartProtectManage business through online CA, CS & legal services.
    #Legal Services
  • Pro Zero Carbon : Helping companies reach net zero through their comprehensive software and data backed sustainability solutions.
    #Climate Tech
  • Because : Full stack Branding and Marketing agency. Helping businesses turn into brands.
    #Creative and Marketing Agencies
  • ZenDevX : ZenDevX is a NoCode development platform to develop enterprise-grade web applications, back-office admin panels, and REST-API for mobile apps.
    #Development Tools
  • ES Healthcare Centre : Gujarat's first premium healthcare centre, Your one stop solution for all medical essentials.
  • Growth Iris : A digital agency built to help SaaS companies find their GTM and generate leads willing to buy subscriptions.
    #Creative and Marketing Agencies
  • DevX : Collaborative workspaces that ignites innovation and a Venture Fund also.
    #Coworking Spaces #Fundraising
  • Creatosaurus : Creatosaurus simplifies the workflow of creators & teams with an all-in-one creator stack to tell stories at scale.
    #Marketing Tools
  • Draper Startup House : Coliving and Co-working space for Startups in Bangalore
    #Coworking Spaces
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eChai Business Partner Program helps businesses and organisations get visibility and engagement within the eChai network.

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