Pooja Gupta

Pooja Gupta

Co-Founder, PurpleDocs
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Romita Ghosh
Founder, MedSamaan
Mumbai, India
Pooja Gupta
Co-Founder, PurpleDocs
Vadodara, India
Sujay Santra
Founder, iKure
Kolkata, India
Kumar Sankaran
CEO, Leucine Rich Bio
Bangalore, India
Saurabh Arora
Co-Founder, Plum
Bangalore, India

More about Pooja Gupta

I am a momprenuer, a java enthusiast, a mentor, business analyst, and leader. I am an optimist to the core and believer of Karma and its affects. As per me, hard work never lets you fail and your passion helps you drive towards the pinnacle of success.

Worked with multiple startups as tech lead and then started PurpleDocs. We are in to ePrescriptions, Indoor Patient Records management and analytics and patient engagement solutions. We are working with 125+ hospitals and clinics in 13+ cities across 3 states in India since 2011 and have 1.5M+ patients on our platform. 

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