More about Pranali Vichare

The word pranali refers to a particular system, organisational structure or policy. Yup, that's me, Pranali.

I have a reputation for success and a tremendous quest to acquire knowledge. I am a strong believer in processes, given that I am a green belt in six sigma. There are no formulas when it comes to marketing technology, my MBA in IT taught me to make my own. Studying psychology helped me to decipher minds, thoughts and behaviours, after all marketing is all about people. I am a traveller, I want to see the world, and for me my travel is my success.

The best part of my journey has been setting up Marketing & Business Development teams for companies across the globe. The gratifying part is to experience the teams performing and generating record results. I am deeply involved with my team and work with each member personally to ensure they grow in their role & are successful.