Prateek Vats

Prateek Vats

Founder, Wanderlooms & Meanders

More about Prateek Vats

Prateek Vats is a seasoned rider, a passionate mixologist, and an ardent entrepreneur at heart. With over 10+ years of experience in each of these fields, he currently functions as the CEO and Co-Founder of two ventures, Meanders India and Wanderlooms.

Having covered a spread of approximately 120,000 Kilometers via road. Bike tours and adventure trails are part of his DNA. One of the few BLS (Basic Life Support) certified riders in the country, his optimism towards bikes has encouraged him to make a career out of it!

Meanders India ( started in 2017 as an adventure touring company, organizes trips across central India. Specializing in identifying undiscovered spots in M.P., Prateek has successfully conducted 25+ trips with over 1000+ riders, introducing them to places such as Kukaru in M.P. (Google the Location!)

Wanderlooms is an adventure clothing brand, created for the solemn purpose of reverberating the feeling of its bearing rider. Available across all major social selling platforms, Wanderlooms since its conception in 2019, has been quick to sense the nerve of the community and has become a hit too! (

Reach out to Prateek for either a good cup of coffee or an engaging conversation or both!

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