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Raghu Pandey
Founder, iMature.in
Bhopal, India
Prateek Sharma
Founder, Green and Grains
Bhopal, India
Gourav Batham
Founder & CEO, TrioSoft Technologies
Bhopal, India
Ravish Bohare
Founder, High On Tales
Bhopal, India
Ashwini Roy
Director of Corporate Communication, The Fox Advertisement
Bhopal, India
Sumeet Mahendra
Founder & CEO, RTIwala
Bhopal, India

More about Raghu Pandey

I am the founder of iMature.in, India's pioneering startup in the domain of Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity. I've also authored a book "Become an iMature Student" which is probably the only comprehensive book on 'Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity' available in India for guiding students to...

1. Make the best use of Internet in education & career, and
2. Stay safe from online threats & dangers.

I lend my expertise in Digital Citizenship to State Cyber Police of MP (India) as a counsellor, and to various other organizations as a trainer and speaker. I have been an education technology entrepreneur since 2006, with iBranch.in as my first EdTech startup.

Featured speakers at eChai events