Rapti Gupta - Co-Founder & CMO, Bugasura.io

Rapti Gupta

Co-Founder & CMO, Bugasura.io

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CMO @ Bugasura.io | Building HSR Founders Club | Marketing, Networking, Women in Business

Hello 👋🏽

Are you building modern software - for 2030? But you're powering your technology, its processes, and especially bug management on legacy tools that were built in the 90s! 


If you're living with (any of the below) problems like: 

💀 slow product development cycles
🐞 frequent code quality and code velocity problems
🧐 Figuring out "steps to reproduce" 
📈 Managing countless bugs on Excel sheets / a slack channel / a tool that gives you no understanding of why and how the bugs are occurring
🧑🏽‍💻 Choked developer bandwidth with mounting roadmap pressure, tech debt, and team conflict
📊 Manually creating development charts or writing queries to understand engineering KPIs and bug lifecycle metrics...

 👉 👉 You need Bugasura.io 👈 👈

We are on a mission to help software companies not just ship quality code but also make decisions based on quality. We help you build quality into the DNA of your technology. 

Click on the "Got Bugs" link ☝️and let me show you how we are reinventing software quality!
ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴇ 

I'm a journalist-turned-marketer-turned-founder. With over 11 years of experience in the content and marketing space, I've helped build brands and products in the Indian SMB market. 

I am a generalist but I specialise in content, brand, and product marketing. I've also consulted for early stage startups to help them with their GTM and brand positioning. 

I ❤️ talking about leadership, workplace empathy, and startup culture. I am a big believer of "THE FUTURE IS FEMALE" and aim to promote more women in leadership positions and build diversity in gender-skewed industries like technology.

When not at work, I write a medium publication of short horror stories called - THE SHPOOKIES. I hope to bring my stories to the theatre/OTT sometime.

Let’s chat to discuss all things marketing, product, AI, and women in business!

It was such great fun sharing the panel with Ankita De and Varun Trivedi today talking about my favorite things - marketing, community, and founders.

We talked about user research, validating ideas, product marketing, saas market and more. The crowd was brimming with new ideas and entrepreneurial energy.

Thank you Penchala Tharun 🚀 for asking such great engaging questions. I had fun!

Thanks Jatin and eChai Ventures for having me.

For everyone that asked to join HSR Founders Club please dm me. And for anyone that wants to use Bugasura - go right ahead and give it a try.
Back at eChai Ventures tomorrow chatting about marketing at early stage startups. 🚀

Bang in the middle of COVID - I remember Jatin reaching out for a session on content and I got to join a really rich panel of experts with Sujata and Taniya from Suta, Riddhi from Avenue Ecom and Smita from Delloite, ex Duroflex.

I learned so much from their diverse opinions and experiences.

I’m joining another panel tomorrow with Ankita De and Varun Trivedi to chat about marketing at early stage companies in HSR Layout, 11 AM onwards.

Join us if you’d like to catch up. Im looking forward to learning from this panel as well.

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