Reema Porecha   - Co-Founder, Scribble Scrolls

Reema Porecha

Co-Founder, Scribble Scrolls

More about Reema Porecha

Chaos Coordinator at Scribble Scrolls- A Content Branding Agency for Everything Digital

I’m a co-founder and a strategist at Scribble Scrolls in both web and traditional advertising, branding, promotions, events, content curation and ad campaigns. 

I start, run and invest myself in brands. Recently, I have found that nothing satisfies me more than meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving their problems and contributing to the overall growth of a brand.

Working as a digital marketing consultant and a strategist for brands and agencies, my expertise has enhanced their online presence. 

I yearn to learn more, yearn to learn something different. A human brain is a crazy place, and there are two things that fascinate me the most about a particular product and its growth marketing.

First: the concept of consumer logic and how rational it can be. And second: the challenge of communicating in a way that persuades and convinces consumers to buy your products. 

I am currently working with an incredibly bright group of people who are fanatically devoted to solving the problems faced by other incredibly bright people in the online space so that we can help them grow their businesses grow faster.

What a fantastic session it was! 🚀

First off, 🙌 Huge thanks to Aanchal Verma for the incredible LinkedIn post summarizing the event.

📝 Your attention to detail and the key points covered are nothing short of phenomenal.

👏 It's members like you who make these discussions even more impactful and enjoyable.

👥 Being on the panel with such insightful individuals was truly an honor!

🌐 The perspectives shared were not only eye-opening but also invaluable. As a panelist, I walked away with exceptional insights that will undoubtedly shape the way our team approaches working with the government.

🤝 Kudos to Sachin Bhavsar of Goa Myles and my fellow panelist Dhruv Chopra for inspiring this positive change towards government!

😄Hats off to Angana Chatterjee for bringing the perfect blend of humor and insight to our discussion! 🤣

🙏 Gratitude overflowing for eChai Ventures that provided an amazing platform to connect and collaborate! 🌐✨

✨Lastly, a huge shoutout to my biggest cheerleader Kanhai Porecha!
Here's to the one who believes in me even when I doubt myself. 🥂

💡 I hope my contributions added value to the discussion, and it's heartening to witness connections being forged over this social platform.

🤝 Let's keep the conversation going! 🗣️

🔍 Looking forward to staying connected with all of you.

🌐 Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn DM if you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to continue the conversation. 📬

🚀 Here's to more insightful discussions, valuable connections, and positive transformations! 🌟 Let's make a difference together!

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