Rishab Chandra

Co-Founder, TaskTracker.in

More about Rishab Chandra

Rishab Chandra is the Co-Founder of TaskTracker.in and Script Technology and Chief Product Officer at Food Cloud.

Rishab has created a simple tool called Task Tracker to make people management simple and teams more accountable. 

He also actively consults and conducts regular seminars on “The Empowerment of Businesses” via e-commerce and online marketing platforms for The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (South-Asia) , QED (Bhutan), and the Digital Empowerment Foundation (India).

Rishab, in his previous organizations, has been passionately involved with marketing/business strategies for establishing innovative IT frameworks to match business demands in the dynamic market.

His domain of expertise lies in building SaaS products in Business Managemen, Education, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance Sectors. 

As far as his qualifications go, Rishab holds a BSc degree from Iowa State University, USA and an MBA from The University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. He is also Google Certified in Fundamental in Digital Marketing,

Rishab also mentors and participated in Start-Up weekends nationaly and internationaly.

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