Rohan Sharan

Founder, TimeChain Labs

More about Rohan Sharan

TimeChain labs is a transaction-centric onchain application development firm, to realize the Satoshi Vision for the onchain internet (metanet). I am passionate about creating onchain knowledge infrastructures and legaltech that empowers people by using the timechain also known as blockchain that is produced by bitcoin.

Experience in leading development of IT solutions like blockchain-based certification for universities, remote collaboration tools for developers, and document drafting software for lawyers. Trained in advanced product management, FinTech, and Business Management.

I graduated from IIT Kharagpur, as an Industrial & Systems Engineer, where I lead a team in developing a blockchain-based photo-sharing application, and was captain of software development team of my hall in my final year. Won first position in a blockchain hackathon with a prize of 1BTC in the technology festival at IIT. My final year project made use of the blockchain to solve the problems plaguing the scientific research publishing industry. Cracked top competitive exams in India like RMO, KVPY, Pradnya, IPM.

I am an avid researcher of subjects ranging from economics, computer science and psychology to physics, law and theosophy. DMs are welcome.

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