Ruchit Patel

Co-Founder & CTO,

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Co-Founder & CTO, , Technology Enthusiast,

At AllEvents, we have built technology that is helping more than 10 Million users to discover events, Aggregating an inventory of 300 Million+ events from the web, and sending 2 Million Newsletters every week.

Technology lover since childhood! Loved Science Fairs, Awarded as child scientist at age 11, Developed and Sold first software product at age of 15.

After graduation co-founded it a technology company Amitech Business Solutions. The company provides technology solutions and also developing products. Having around 10 products includes apps that were featured in the top 100 apps in app stores.

Currently spending time on to and building a marketplace where we can connect the right audience with the right events. Along with love mentoring tech startups in various incubators and love talking about tech in various events. Hobbies include amateur astronomy and HAM radio. (DXing as VU3IUC).

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