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Speakers at this event:
Romita Ghosh
Founder, MedSamaan
Mumbai, India
Pooja Gupta
Co-Founder, PurpleDocs
Vadodara, India
Sujay Santra
Founder, iKure
Kolkata, India
Kumar Sankaran
CEO, Leucine Rich Bio
Bangalore, India
Saurabh Arora
Co-Founder, Plum
Bangalore, India

More about Saurabh Arora

Plum is on a mission to revolutionise corporate health insurance.

Plum’s easy-to-use health platform coupled with transparent pricing aims to help more businesses reap the benefits of insurance for their employees. Many Indian businesses find the insurance purchasing process to be tedious, opaque and costly, with the entire process taking months to set up.

To address these issues, Plum has negotiated and forged new underwriting and fraud detection measures with a wide range of insurance companies. This helps Plum provide businesses and their employees with more flexibility, greater customisation and a high-quality health insurance experience.

Featured speakers at eChai events