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Bhavini Kamdar
Founder & CEO, Outliers Publishing
Ahmedabad, India
Sejal Pravin Purohit
Founder, Seven Spring
Ahmedabad, India
Menka Gurnani
Founder & Director, Hidaa Life Science
Ahmedabad, India
Manali Doshi
Co-Founder, Welzar
Ahmedabad, India

More about Sejal Pravin Purohit

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious, the desire to reach the heart is wise” This quote is exactly what Mrs. Sejal Pravin Purohit aims for with her venture ‘Seven Spring. Being an MBA with dual specialization in human resources and business management from the prestigious Strathclyde University, Scotland, Sejal's proved that she not only has brains but also bravado with her venture. Be it Morgan Stanley, Barclays, National Australian bank group (UK), or Monarch Net worth Capital Limited. She is an individual with 10 years of experience in various fields of business management.  Although her qualifications were in the financial field, her interest always lay in the health and fitness sector. She wanted to come up with something that brought her passion and qualification together.

Being a Satvik person since her 20’s, she went down the healthy way to lose the extra pounds gained during pregnancy. That’s when she came up with her first-ever herbal, flower, and green tea concoctions giving birth to "Seven Spring”. She always wanted to carve out her own niche, but it wasn’t until she gave birth to his child that this thought became a reality. She wanted to pass on her legacy to his son

Innovative, educated, and persistent; are three words that describe the founder of Seven Spring in the most effective way. She had a eureka moment when she asked herself “What is something that is liked by all and gives happiness to almost everyone?” “Yes, FOOD!”

With the ability to forge ahead fearlessly on the way of scripting her own success story in today’s new age world, this mompreneur founded Seven Spring. An all organic products company that is determined to make the world a healthy place to dwell in, thus ultimately serves the purpose of reaching the hearts of people! In today’s fast pace of life, the most basic thing that is missing is correct nutrition which is going inside every individual’s system. With the market overloaded with food products that aren’t healthy but please the taste buds, people are finding their happiness in the wrong place. What they require is something that is healthy and at the same time gives them happiness. How to combine health and fitness with food, became the question!

Seven Spring is the result of rigorous research about different health products in the market, different herbs, flowers, shrubs from all over the world, and ancient Vedic herbs. It is a brand where they have product lines that are all authentically natural, made with the best ingredients offered by Mother Nature. The first of the many product lines is Flavored (Infused) Green Teas, Infused Black Teas, Different types of Plain Green Teas, Black Teas & Tisane. Being a green tea enthusiast herself, Sejal decided to come up with this product line which has 24 power-packed mixtures that provide the best health results and tantalize the taste buds. Being an expert tea taster with precise insight and backed by her research, every ingredient she has added to her product line is filled with many health benefits and each concoction is one of its kind. This product line of tea has something to suit every taste palate and aid with almost all sorts of ailments to keep people disease-free and ultimately elated.

Coping up with the work & social stress, she gains a lot of positivity from her son. Her son, Rajveer is the constant powerhouse source of her energy, keeping her inner kid alive. Passing down a message to the other mothers, Sejal says: "No matter how the situation is, all you need do is Be yourself ,Be real and find happiness. She said “Everything I am today; My Son-Rajveer has inspired me to be.”

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