Shani Pandya - Founder & CEO, Imagine Powertree

Shani Pandya

Founder & CEO, Imagine Powertree

More about Shani Pandya

Passionate entrepreneur in a mission to make our cities more sustainable. I am leading the company Imagine Powertree Private Limited from April 2018 as CEO.

Before starting Imagine Power Tree, i founded an incubation center and was running it for 5+ years till it became the best incubation center in the region and invited to share TEDx talk for the same.

Image Powertree:

Why : 1000+ Cities with renewable target not able to achieve their goal due to limitations of land for Solar Installation on urban locations 

How: Invented proprietary solar product which we plant like a tree which reduces ground space from solar by 98% which also allows us to install solar at uncertain locations as well like median and side strips of roads, Gardens and others. (18+ Design IPRs - 7 already granted by Patent office, Government of India)

What: We happen to design industry leading Solutions Like Solar Tree, Floating Solar, Portable Solar Powered EV Charging and others

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