Shruti Kushwah - Founder, Crealoons Innovations

Shruti Kushwah

Founder, Crealoons Innovations

More about Shruti Kushwah

Shruti Kushwah is a serial entrepreneur, strategist and writer. She started her entrepreneurial career after dropping out from an IVY league school from United States with aspirations of doing business in india.

Shruti runs a product engineering service company that develops your innovation through engineering and industrial design and makes it manufacturable. Along with her service company with a presence in US & India, she’s also launching company’s first product line with thermal sensing device and bar accessories to strengthen the service operations. 

She is also expanding her business portfolio to industries like alcohol and spirits, FMCG & fashion e-commerce. For her zeal and contribution, she’s been awarded with Karamveer Chakra supported by Rex Foundation & UN.  

Shruti is a dynamic networker, mentor to few growing startups, strategist to businesses in the aforesaid industries and is an active part of communities like Echai, Tie, IVY university.

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