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CRED | BITS Pilani

Hello there, I am Shubham Jain
I am a Payments PM at CRED. I started as an intern at CRED right after graduating from BITS Hyderabad. Have been very lucky to have dabbled in multiple products here at CRED - fraud, user activation, pricing & promotions and my latest stint - merchant payments.

My biggest strength is my attitude. I have a go-getter personality; consequently, I have always taken initiatives, going above and beyond the job description. This is quite evident in the experiences section. 

More importantly, I raise the spirit of any team I work with through my optimistic and cheerful nature; be sure to check out the recommendations I have received!

I occasionally play the ukulele, and I love writing about brands, experiences and love.
I have a combined 150,000+ views on my answers at and blog posts at

I am always up for a coffee to discuss products, history or startups. Let's chat -

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