More about Shweta Doshi

I am a passionate Tech Educator, first-time entrepreneur, and an accidental Product Owner.  An unapologetic idealist, I firmly believe that to gain quality education, we need to transform the way we teach & learn.

We founded GreyAtom to bridge the gap between the skills learners have and what the industry needs by bringing them together on our learning platform, GLabs, which provides hands-on coding experience, mentorship from top practitioners globally, and access to a huge peer community.

We strongly believe that pure online, self-paced learning doesn’t work. So we devised a hybrid approach, where there is a balanced mix of online learning and offline community interactions and that works the best! GreyAtom has presence in India, Canada and Sweden.

I also advise early-stage EdTech startups, mentor founders and  help them through their product-market fit discovery journey.

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: