More about Sidharth Vijayan

A global netizen willing to run the extra mile to solve problems that matter to a lot of people. A former product manager, user centric design-thinker, problem solver with 14+ yrs of experience in Web and Mobile Products in the Logistics, Education, Telecom, Social Networking space and currently in the health-tech space.

Having held mid-level managerial roles with multinationals and startups in India, US, Singapore, and the UK I have flourished in product management roles. As a PM, my role extends beyond just building a great product and goes into the realm of understanding the user as well as I can through consistent interactions. This involves me having to actually interact with and interview users (or potential users) to understand the real pain points and dig deeper to find the finer details of the root cause and avoid solving for the wrong problems.

Passionate about solving problems through technology and a design thinking approach..

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