Sony Samal

Sony Samal

Founder & Director, 72 DPI Skillz

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I believe in every possibility and this belief keeps me going. 
I am grateful for the opportunities that came along my way & that I could make the most of them. 

My life purpose has been to make everything around me more meaningful & happier, be it my work or family. I have been immensely blessed to be working with wonderful people who believed in me, my team, my partners, and of course my loved ones.

I believe, when you are passionate about something, you put in your 100% & even more than that. 

My life journey has been more profound & I am grateful that I could identify my higher Purpose of doing something more meaningful & building a value-based life.

My career has grown from a Management Trainee to a Passionate Entrepreneur.

It was the sheer passion that inspired me to create opportunities and make Brand Marketing simple and worth it. From a Creative Agency in 2014 to a Full-Service Brand Marketing Agency, I have had the greatest experience of my life with “72 DPI Skillz”. 

My strongest passion is serving entrepreneurs and small-business owners. With every idea and its infinite possibilities magic is created. Their passion and belief are contagious. I think that’s where I seek maximum inspiration.

Every interaction and experience has shaped me into what I am today. I strongly believe in the power of collaborations with the right people that make us the best version of ourselves.

Through this amazing platform, I look forward to connecting, supporting, and encouraging businesses, startups, and Passionate Entrepreneurs.

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