Sunanda Verma

Co-Founder, The Daftar

More about Sunanda Verma

I am a first generation serial entrepreneur who has a knack of identifying uber innovative ideas & make them happen. Before taking a plunge into entrepreneurship, I have spent several years in brand management in the diverse domains of pharmaceuticals, FMCG - food & beverages and services Industry. However, a few years ago a serendipitous shot at the coworking industry inspired me to foray into Entrepreneurship and led to the foundation of The Daftar. This decision of mine has taken me through a roller coaster ride full of life transforming experiences, so much so that entrepreneurship has become an integral part of me now.

THE DAFTAR is a community centric coworking space with more than 1500 community members including startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, coders, offshore companies, & more. We love creating an inspirational & collaborative work environment and being the hub for startup activity. 

Aeka Coffee is my recent venture and this time, it's all about the other thing that I love - coffee! 

Apart from it, I mentor a few startups, enjoy taking guest lectures at colleges & interacting with students & also consult companies on branding & marketing. This helps me to be a part of multiple entrepreneurial journeys & I must say that there is nothing greater than being a part of the journey and success stories of so many people doing awesome things in life which in turn inspires me to keep on doing my own small little things that would influence my life and the life of people around me in a positive way.

When I am not working (which is definitely very rare) I love to spend time traveling, exploring new places, reading and cleaning (I have an OCD for cleanliness).

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