Suraj Vazirani - Founder & CEO, The Beauty Co

Suraj Vazirani

Founder & CEO, The Beauty Co

More about Suraj Vazirani

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” 

This quote by Ayn Rand holds true for young and passionate Suraj Vazirani, CEO of The Beauty Co. If you think people in business could not be creative, think again! An award-winning theatre actor at heart and a dynamic entrepreneur by virtue, Vazirani has set a new benchmark in every domain that he has forayed into. During the inception of The Beauty Co.; Vazirani had a vision for the brand right from the start, and he has nurtured it so gracefully that within a few months it captured the imagination of women who like to pamper themselves. But that does not mean that his professional journey is a cakewalk. 

However, his firm belief in the adage; “Never give up; come what may” kept him going. Brought up in Gujarat’s capital town Gandhinagar, Vazirani had a happy childhood with comforts of its own. With business in his blood, he unknowingly absorbed all things business that came his way during his younger years. As he grew up and was ready to take on the business world, he realized finding a footing wasn’t an easy task. It required vision, focus, and determination. 

From facing the challenges of entering the big world of business at the age of 19, to managing his website and converting it into a marketplace, Vazirani had his share of hardships and obstacles. However, that did not deter him from his aim to achieve success and emerge a winner. After his roller-coaster experience with the existing marketplaces and e-commerce portals for branded electronic items, Vazirani realized at the right time that the future of Indian e- commerce is the private labels. 

That’s when he decided to partner with Beardo - Men’s Grooming Experts to build the brand and manage their e-commerce operations pan India. Since then he has multiple private labels for an exclusive partnership for e-commerce operations and trading. But Vazirani did not stop here. The creative personality that he is, 34-year-old Vazirani wanted to create a brand of his own and be a part of its journey and success from the beginning. 

After considerable research, he realized that with a market value of 80,000 crores, the beauty industry has a significant stake in the Indian market, which is only growing with the flourishing e-commerce business. And that despite the presence of countless beauty brands in the market, there were still a few crucial yet untapped segments in the women’s grooming industry. That’s when The Beauty Co. was born! The brand launched its very first products Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and Coffee Scrubs on Amazon that became instant hits within a few days, and there has no looking back! In a span of nine months, The Beauty Co. has launched multiple products in categories such as Skin, Hair, Body, and Teeth and plans to continue its aggressive online marketing. In an age where new brands come up and are soon forgotten, The Beauty Co.’s graph has been quite impressive. 

Thanks to the brand’s ability to launch new products with rigorous marketing campaigns. And that’s exactly Vazirani’s plan for The Beauty Co. – quite straightforwardly he says – "To grow". From online to offline business and from being a national brand to becoming international brand, he only wants the brand to see growing! Vazirani is an inspiration to all those around him. He is not only a great leader to his team but also a doting father to a baby boy. With a soft heart and strong will, Vazirani aims to make The Beauty Co. the best beauty brand in the world coming from India!

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