More about Swasti Dey

Global climate change is the biggest threat to humanity.
Air pollution is rising at an alarming rate. And to make the matter worse,
Bacteria/Virus are rapidly gaining ground on human defenses.

Each of these directly or indirectly puts more demand on product manufacturers, scientists & engineers to develop products with better material properties that also address sustainability. The field of material science have never been more important.

I founded M19-Material Intelligence Lab to educate, connect, and ultimately unleash the power of scientific devices for material characterization around the world. M19 lab is an advanced material innovation engine.

At M19 lab, we design and manufacture NextGen Scientific lab instruments, discover material characterization insights you can't find anywhere else. We help companies invent the next generation of perfect products that are both sustainable, and super-efficient.

Our team envisions a far-ranging impact that will affect a wide range of advanced material applications like personal protection equipments, pollution control, water purification, sound absorption, space research, defense technology, and various medical developments.

If you want to transform your products, counter climate change, protect against viruses or simply curious to learn more about high-performance materials and disruptive industry insights follow us here on Linkedin or visit us at

Together, we can make the world more healthier, cleaner, and safer !

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