More about Swati Vakharia

A strong believer in home remedies, Swati often found herself drawn towards this ancient science. She knew that precautionary measures were important for herself and her infant, and this compassion for healing led her to form Nabhi Sutra. 

An entrepreneur with a will to make a difference, Swati knew the importance of problem-solving. By creating Nabhi Sutra, she ventured upon yet another issue that needed attention: holistic health. In this information-loaded age, it is difficult to differentiate between the good and bad. And when you have a child to take care of, every scary fact gets to you. In order to address problems that she and her child faced, Swati came up with a solution for everyone. 

To understand Ayurveda better, Swati acquired in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and formulations with the help of her cousin, Dr Nikunj Mewada, an MD in Ayurveda. What Swati didn’t know was that by creating Nabhi Sutra, she was also capturing magic in a bottle for persistent health issues. 

Swati is having a master degree in business management. Her brain child, the Women Planet, offers a host of information on all women-related topics, be it health, career or relationships. She also heads Muskaan, a campaign specifically designed for women in rural areas and menstrual hygiene education. Swati also owns an IT firm, Black iD Solutions, and has been working in digital marketing for over 14 years now.

With Nabhi Sutra, Swati wishes to re-introduce the exotic, natural and pure Ayurvedic practices that the world may have forgotten and can benefit from with three simple steps. 

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