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Kimmo Rytkönen
Founder & CEO, Income
Tallinn, Estonia
Taavi Tammiste
Co-Founder & CTO, Fyma
Tallinn, Estonia
Owais Afaq
Partner & CEO, Mikaels Labs
Tallinn, Estonia

More about Taavi Tammiste

My passion is finding actionable value from data using applied machine learning. I have been an entrepreneur and C-Level manager for the last 3 years, connecting deep technical knowledge with business requirements. My main areas of knowledge are machine learning and distributed computing mixed together with agile product development. 

In the past, I have partnered with other C-level executives as well as innovation departments and entrepreneurs to help companies empower their data. 

In addition, I have spent time working as the Head of Data Science for one of the leading agile software development companies in Estonia and am now the co-founder of one of the most cutting edge computer vision AI companies in Estonia. I was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019.

Featured speakers at eChai events