Tarun Malaviya

Co-Founder & CEO, mithi.com

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Helping businesses protect, gain visibility, and control of critical data with our agile cloud-based data management platform at Vaultastic.com.
Vaultastic is incubated by Mithi.com. The firm has had a history of pioneering bootstrapped product ventures, spanning multiple generations of technology and serving over Million+ users. Our ventures so far have comprised of breakthrough and best-selling products such as geometric libraries, windows apps, web apps, mission critical Enterprise software, & Cloud-based SaaS.

Before Vaultastic, the team had created SkyConnect - the secure & dependable business email software, that has been serving the mission-critical business communication needs of hundreds of leading businesses and organisations. 

Vaultastic brings together years of deep experience in building software products across several generations of technology of the team that I have had the pleasure of leading and working with for a good number of years. 

Earlier the team had done pioneering, best-selling software for Indian languages in partnership with CDAC. 

The first big venture for the team was in building a Geometric Modelling Software for FreeForm Solids, one of the first of its kind, for the International CAD-CAM software makers. 

Before leaving to found our company, I worked as a Research associate on Scientific Data Visualisation software for the PARAM supercomputer, after graduating from PICT (1989). 

Currently, I lead the team on work in Product Innovation & Design, Business Strategies & Marketing. 

Interested in Science & Technology, Engineering, Design, Quality, Marketing, Economics, Natural History, History, Politics, Psychology, Philosophy, Physics, Indology, Sports, Indian classical music, I like to write and speak whenever possible on Entrepreneurship, Economy, and other related subjects.

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