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Speakers at this event:
Charu Dhyani
Founder, Wudbox
Hyderabad, India
Maya Vivek
Co-Founder, HolyWaste
Hyderabad, India
Vijayadurga Koppisetti
Founder & CEO, Architude
Hyderabad, India
Komal (Mall) Baldwa
Founder, Bleu Cares
Vaishnavi Reddy
Co-Founder, Unsweetened Beauty
Hyderabad, India
Piya Bahadur
Co-Founder & CEO MeraBills
Hyderabad, India
Tejaswi PV
Co-Founder, PlantDeck
Hyderabad, India

More about Tejaswi PV

Believe that living in harmony with Nature is the key to survival and development of human beings. Strong environmentalist with a passion to create greener and better future for all the living beings on planet Earth. 

We care about building a greener planet and one of the reasons why we started PlantDeck is because we were alarmed by the growing pollution, especially air pollution and plastic waste. We follow the Triple bottom line approach, whereby we are trying to make the planet greener, supporting earthenware artisans from the villages of India, and also building something financially sustainable - we are already cash flow positive. We believe that profits and social impact are not mutually exclusive and that the former can have a multiplier impact on the latter.

We believe in making the process of adding green as painless as possible by providing maximum value to our clients, and at the same time reclaiming the concrete jungle and turning it into a green oasis. 

We have a range of plants and planters (we don't sell plastic). We are into interior styling & space designing using plants and pottery, landscape designing etc.

PlantDeck Social is a social initiative where we have created a Syllabus including Plastic Management, Water Crisis and Management, Waste Management, Consumerism, Wildlife Protection, and Global Warming, and are taking this to Schools, Colleges, Corporates etc to educate people on how important it is to protect the environment and live in harmony with nature.

Featured speakers at eChai events