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Aashna Narula
Founder, Psychopedia
Chandigarh, India
Ritika Singh
Founder & CEO, Kontent Factory
Chandigarh, India
Tushar Jain
Founder, Enthu.AI
Chandigarh, India
Harit Mohan
Founder & CEO, Signicent
Chandigarh, India

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Struggling to improve your agent performance? 📈📈

Enthu.AI helps contact centers fast track their call QA and agent coaching process, thus resulting in better agent performance.
That means better customer conversations, improved CX and more $$$$$s.

Enthu.AI: Your all-in-one agent evaluation & performance software

Enthu.AI automatically surfaces out those calls that need your QA's attention. They now capture critical insights from every single call without the need to listen to them minute by minute. Regular calls get processed 5 times faster and better.
If the quality team is your "Sherlock", consider Enthu.AI as their "Dr. Wattson."

Identify actionable behaviors that make your best agents what they are. Then use this intelligence to train your mediocre ones. 
In short, make every agent a ROCKSTAR without putting in an effort that breaks your bank.
Your coaching team won't stop thanking you for this new found power.

Evaluate calls, compare performances, drive trend analysis....plus a lot more. Enthu.AI helps you manage agent performance from one single dashboard (minus the juggling across people, call recordings and spreadsheets).
Have an operations team that always cry foul when it comes to collecting data? Well, they won't do that now.

Have a question or just want to say hello, drop an email to 📧 [email protected]

Featured speakers at eChai events