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Speakers at this event:
Maeve Eilinger
Senior Associate - Wadhwani Entrepreneur, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Miguel Gemotra
Co-Founder - Dashlabs.ai
Manila, Philippines
Gian Paulo dela Rama
Co-Founder & CEO, Aiah
Manila, Philippines
Abbie Victorino
Founder & CEO, GoGenie Solutions Inc
Manila, Philippines
Victor Rivera
CEO, Avion School
Manila, Philippines
Stephen Michael Co
Co-Founder & CEO, WTH Foods
Manila, Philippines

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About Avion School:

We're an online school that teaches Filipinos to become remote software engineers globally for a share of their future income. We upskill 750,000 technical Filipinos with the engineering stack of top US startups and help them get hired by US companies.

Featured speakers at eChai events