Vinod Ramaswamy

Vinod Ramaswamy

Deputy Curator, Utopian Dystopia Director, NFT Kochi
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Vinod Ramaswamy
Deputy Curator, Utopian Dystopia Director, NFT Kochi
Bangalore, India

More about Vinod Ramaswamy

Art, it is subjective, provocative, and deeply personal.

It is the ability to translate a story, to connect and transport the viewer into the mind of an artist to gain an alternative perspective that fascinates me and has led me to the art world, where I truly belong.

I am thankful to all artists, curators, collectors, and galleries who have always encouraged me to develop my own approach. I learn most from interacting with artists in their creative space, each is unique and offers insight into how they think, their passions, and their influence. I believe that artists feel more comfortable speaking and sharing their ideas when they are in their studio talking about their process. 

I’ve been fortunate to travel, to experience museums, galleries, and exhibitions to learn the emerging trends and styles. This allows deeper appreciation and encourages the art community both local and international to connect with me. I speak 6 local languages fluently which has provided an opportunity to artists from the remotest places to exhibit their works.
The Art Bengaluru festival is special, as a member of the curatorial team, I am delighted that it has become a reputed art festival in Bengaluru, India. I have collaborated with various institutions like New Acropolis, Lasvit, Alliance Française de Bangalore, the Italian Embassy, the Embassy of Israel, and many others. In addition to this, I have worked with NGOs like Parikrama Foundation and Akshaya Patra Foundation to encourage creativity in children. I was actively involved in various commissioning projects which also include Sheraton Grand, Whitefield.
At present, I am building more connections in the art world to explore possibilities to work with a reputed gallery or museum in India and outside.

I seek new to grow my network, I recently joined Clubhouse which allows me real-time access to support the Artists who are creating NFT artwork, collectors, traders, and industry specialists. This technology has the potential to bring a revolutionary change in the Indian Art scene and its opening doors to a new generation of creators and collectors across the planet.
 Some of my notable skills include
 • Artist Collaborations
 • Artist Liaison
 • Project Management
 • Art Curation
 • Planning and Exhibition
 • Art Consulting
 • Event Management
 • Volunteer Management
 • Partnerships
 • Client Servicing
 • Community Building
Connect with me:
Clubhouse: @citizensart
 Please connect with me over a call +91 9739 676 776 or email me: [email protected]

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