Viraj Rajani - Founder, Digipple

Viraj Rajani

Founder, Digipple

More about Viraj Rajani

I am a voracious reader, passionate writer & curious entrepreneur.

I am passionate to help you grow your startup & business on Digital Channel for Scratch. I have 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing & building my startup (Digipple). I am a self-taught digital marketer and still, I am learning every single day about how Digital Channels evolve around consumer attention.

I like exploring & asking a meaningful questions! & that’s why I am very curious to know myself and who am I? & What am I Doing?

This leads me to write an eBook & I published 2 eBooks, one is on Startup & second one is on Spirituality & Bhagavad Gita.
I am currently Self-studying Psychology & Human behavior & which helps me in my startup journey & also helps my client achieve their desired objective, also I am currently exploring storytelling.

Some Facts about My work:

-> We successfully helped 30+ Business to grow their Digital Visibility
-> I have monthly 100000+ Reach & I have 137+ Newsletter subscriber
-> I and my team created 5000+ Members of the open community.
-> 200% growth on Digital visibility in first 3 months for our various client
-> Ranked 100s of Targeted Keywords in top 10 & 1000+ Sub targeted keyword & counting more 
-> 23+ Networking Call Completed & many more 
-> We served currently clients from 5 different countries...

I love to connect with people & feel free to DM :)

Visit My website: to know more about me & my writings, also visit: to grow your business Digitally.

Summary of my journey is:
 “Having a dream is good but becoming capable of achieving your dream is more important.”

In the age of overselling and misselling, how do you truly drive sales?

An Incredible event hosted by eChai Ventures X GVFL Limited, delved into this very question: How to get early customers to scaling your sales.

Key Takeaways:

1. Listen & Ask the Right Questions: Allow your target customers to share their pain points. Avoid assumptions, and simply listen.

2. Don’t outsmart your customer.

3. Under Promise, Over Deliver:

It’s easier said than done. Making sales promises you can't keep damages your credibility in the long run.

4. Don’t sell to everyone.

If your customer is everyone then your customer is no one.

5. Invest in PR:

PR means Perception that drives Reality. Create Perception by investing in PR activity.

6. Base your research on facts, not assumptions.

7. Lead Magnets >> Money Magnets: Offer exceptional value through lead magnets to convert target customers into loyal fans.

Last not but least,

8. Find ways to collaborate with people:

Be the person that everyone wants to collaborate or be that person who collaborates with everyone, Read that again.

Thanks for sharing invaluable insights Jatin Chaudhary, Shrijay Sheth, Yash Shah , Vikas Mundhra, Kamal Bansal & Mihir Joshi.
eChai AI Social X Because.
Small Group. Candid Conversation.

 Thanks, Jatin Bhai organizing this meetup and also, big thanks to Aditya Bhai & Deenky Shah for Hosting us at Because office to Discuss about How to use AI in Marketing.

Here are a few Takeaways:

Aditya: “Individuals need to either learn how to create something original (100% authentic) or they need to learn how to master AI and generate the optimum output. In between, people need to either upskill themselves with AI tools or they need to master the art from scratch.".

AI in Marketing:

-> Content Generation: Current LLMs are very good at providing detailed structure of any prompt given. Before AI, we need to start from nothing, and after AI, we can start with Something. So I think 50% of the problem is solved by thinking about where to start.

-> Visual Creation: DallE, Mid Journey, and Adobe Firefly are very good at creating images from text and give designers the Imagination to wildly experiment with their concepts. But remember, concept and context are very important for Visual Creation.

-> Brainstorming: Post-AI, any Marketing Idea you can brainstorm with LLMs, you don’t need 2 humans for that.

-> AI Assistant: AI will help in not only above things but its application will help in every possible intellectual exploration from Ideation, Market research, Storyboarding, Brandstorming, problem solving, A/B Testing etc.

My 2 Cents on AI:

AI has started affecting the Service Sector, but eventually, we will live in a world where efficiency is/will increase exponentially (10 to 15X) and POST AGI, every industry adopts an AI not only in software but Hardware (Cars, Machine, Robots etc.) too. imo all the jobs that people do just for the money it will replace by AI & AI Enabled Robots.

It seems pessimistic but I am optimistic that AI enables us to reach to singularity (Ultimate Truth) faster.

Work that gives meaning will always thrive...

Again thanks to all the participants for sharing their experience: eChai Ventures, Jatin Chaudhary, Aditya Shah, Deenky Shah, Syed Nadeem Jafri, Ekta Shah, Harsha Bhurani, Pankaj Bhimani, Vikas Mundhra, Kumar Manish

How you are using AI? Curious to know

P.S. This post is not #ChatGPT Written :) 
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

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