Yash Bhatt

Founder, Brook and Blooms

More about Yash Bhatt

I am a Founder of Brook and Blooms Company. Which is a waste management startup focusing on Biodegradable Temple Waste. These worshipped floral and Coconut Waste that after being offered to the Deity, find their way into the Garbage or Water Bodies, creating havoc for the aquatic life. We provide a sustainable solution by turning this floral waste into Incense sticks, Dhoop Sticks, Fertilizers, Coco bowls and a lot of other eco-friendly products.

We are a Core Team of 22 people and a lot of other active Environmentalists who are working hard towards promoting of this cause. Brook and Blooms is not only helping the Environment but also providing a livelihood to the people in the Ragpicker Community. 
We have a vision of Collaborating with other Temples of various Cities facing the same issue and providing the solution on a larger scale. By turning the waste into a sustainable solution.

Join us in this Noble Cause by trying our Products.

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