More about Yulia Aslamova

“Always do what you love” is the life credo of Yulia Aslamova.

Having been thrown into digital marketing five years ago, she successfully combined her previous entrepreneurial experience and applied it in her current career.  She is inspired by opportunities in online marketing and strongly believes in data-driven marketing decisions.

Living in Namma Bengaluru, Yulia is well-known in the startup community and heads up marketing in India for the USA brand SEMrush. Previously, Yulia led marketing for BHiVE, the biggest co-working network in Bangalore.

For the last four years, Yulia has worked remotely (only!) and specialized in marketing, events and branding. The freedom of remote work allows her to live her dream life and constantly travel (to 20+ countries), balance her family life (she has a one-year-old baby) and have a successful career. 

Performance-influence marketing platform working with 300k bloggers using the CPA model. rusted by 100+ global brands such as Domino's, L'oréal, AliExpress, iHerb, Ozon, X5 Retail Group, Yandex services, etc. In the last month, Perfluence delivered over 2.6M CPA results to brands, published over 860k posts, and driven 16.5M in traffic to brands.

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: