Gavyam Gentech - Offering innovative solutions to optimize inefficient and unreliable procedures in cattle breeding and management.

About the team

Tejas Vaghela (CEO)Experience: 15+ Years of R&D in Semiconductor/AI-ML Industry. Responsible for Operations, Strategy & Business Management

Sreekanth Naidu (COO) Experience: 15+ Years of Sales/Marketing Experience in Agri/Dairy Technology. Responsible for Sales & Marketing

Nithya Nair (Director) Experience: 10+ Years of R&D, Sales/Marketing Experience in Dairy Technology. Responsible for New Business/Product Development

Dipen Parmar (Director) Experience: 12+ Years of R&D Experience in Electronics/IoT Product Development. Responsible for Product Research & Development

Eureka moment

Seeing how technology impacts Animal Breeding and lack of adoption of technology in Cattle breeding and monitoring at India

Business model

For Market entry with AI workers as standalone or subscription based model for final validations

For Entering small Tenders from Dairy Unions like Amul ( currently open and selected under technical evaluation)

10 AI process per Day, 200 AI process per Month, 2400 AI process per Year by 1 AI worker Charging INR 8 / AI = INR 19200/- subscription generated against product manufacturing cost INR 7500/-

Gujarat has more than 18000 AI workers.


As of now, MVP done but and entering in pre-mass production with 1200 QTY order from dairy union on the way.

Community support 

Funding and Hand Holding for Field Validation at villages level.

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Tejas Vaghela :

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