Learnkin is an educational company which specializes in crafting engaging and innovative early learning kits designed to inspire children's curiosity, creativity, and lifelong love for learning.

About the team

Rohan Roy, Foram Roy, and Maitreyi Yadav are the co-founders of Learnkin. They are proud to be third-generation educators and first-generation business owners in their family.

Rohan, with 19 years of experience in teaching and mentoring, is the founder and co-owner of the Balaji Group Of Tuitions and chain of renowned coaching center in Surat city, where he has provided guidance to over 20,000+ students .

He also holds the position of Director at Canopus International Pre-School in Surat, which has been successfully operating for the past nine years.

Rohan Individually has also achieved many national awards to name some he was awarded: -SARVAPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN AWARD for “Best Principal""

-40 under 40 most influential people of Gujarat (2022)

FORAM ROY the dynamic co-founder, serving as a co-director at chain of Canopus International Pre-Schools has an experience of 9 years in the field of early education . Moreover, she has also received many national awards and is an NLP Practitioner and a Specialized Preschool Trainer ,

-She has been awarded -Dronacharya award for best teacher’s trainer .

-She Has also been a part of MAURITIAN SOCIETY OF QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLES to Mauritius heading a team of Gujarat.

-She is a Cambridge certified TKT (Teacher's Knowledge Testing) examination trainer.

Maitreyi Yadav is a one the very important co-founder who has completed her masters in IT and looks on the tech and digital Marketing part in the company.

Moreover she understands the product well as she's also been into education field for 5-6 years . She is a pro at TEAM Management and process handling.

She's Received the best Team lead Award from her past corporate company.

The Trio makes the team complete by their own expertise and job profiles which can take this company to new heights.

Eureka moment

Our eureka moment was when we realized the incredible demand for our educational kits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, we were developing curriculum and learning kits for our own preschool, Canopus.

However, as other parents started approaching us for the same kits to support their children's at-home learning needs, we saw a unique opportunity.

It became clear that there was a pressing need in the market for high-quality early learning resources that parents could use at home. This realization inspired us to professionalize our efforts and launch LEARNKIN , a venture dedicated to providing these educational kits to parents and meeting the growing demand.

Learnkin was born out of this transformative moment, allowing us to cater to a broader audience and make a positive impact on early childhood education.

And then in 2022, when 2 other schools approached us for using learnkin in their pre-primary section it was again a eureka moment when we understood that oh yes, the schools and pre-schools were also in the need of the such creative material.

Business model

So currently major sales come from Instagram, influencer marketing and B2B through schools, but we are trying to expand ourselves in digital marketing arena and market places.


So currently learnkin has reached almost 3000+ families pan India in the past 3 years and also in countries like, Hong Kong ,Tokyo,Dubai,Canada,USA and UK etc. It has also been awarded as best Learning Kit in INDIA by TIMES group.

It has also received National education Excellence award for its unique curriculum.

Community support

We want to understand the startup world, get into a community where people can connect us to more people and help us grow in B2B ,D2C and B2G side. we believe e-chai is a very well connected platform which can help us expand our business with a right road map.