My Equation - is developing an innovative ecosystem that empowers core engineering students and professionals through specialized vocational training and courses, revolutionizing engineering education.

About the team

Ratik Gupta, the founder and CEO, brings a compelling blend of expertise and vision to the My Equation team. Armed with a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from SRM and currently pursuing an MBA at NMIMS with experience in Chiripal , euclid labs , My Captain Ratik's educational background and entrepreneurial drive serve as the backbone of the venture. Pranav Chachra, the Chief Marketing Officer, leverages his extensive experience from Unschool, holding a B.Tech in Computer Science from Thapar University. Kaustuv Mohanty, the Chief Operating Officer, enhances the team's operational efficiency with his Electronics and Communication Engineering background from SRM and prior roles at Ultratech, Samsung, and IBM. Their combined experience of over three years underscores their dedication and proficiency, collectively propelling My Equation toward its mission of revolutionizing engineering education and vocational training.

Eureka moment

My Eureka moment to start My Equation came during my own journey as an electronics engineering graduate facing challenges in securing a placement in my desired field. Inspired by my Head of Department's suggestion to explore coding as an alternative path, I realized the transformative potential of providing specialized vocational training and education for engineers. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between traditional education and industry requirements, I founded My Equation under Tech Analogy Pvt Ltd to create an innovative platform for engineering students and professionals, propelling them towards success in the tech industry.

How does it work?

Business model

We make money by charging students for providing them online industrial training and upskillment solutions by trained industrial experts. We have 3 types of business transactions for onboarding students i.e.

B2B - Where we get institutional contracts through college management and placement cells

B2C - Where we associate/collaborate with college bodies/societies/clubs/organisations to help us get students enrolled for our programs

D2C - Where we directly onboard students to our program through social media channels, referrals, funnels and out youth leader network throughout PAN India


With industrial live training , hands on sessions , doubt session, we have conducted 35+ workshops, mentoring over 10K+ students from 750+ colleges with an impressive 87.5% customer satisfaction rating. With our 30 day - 60 days program , we cater to providing industrial grade projects and case studies across live program with career counselling and resume building and provide internship opportunities in brands like force motors , revamp motors , articulus surgical , botsync etc

Community support

Want to meet fellow founders, investors and be a part of the community. We would love to know about how we could scale our startup and create an ecosystem for all engineers . We are also looking forward to meet some unique individuals who could potentially help us drive the ecosystem forward.

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