Writco is a Multilingual Social Writing & Reader Rewarding Community-Driven Platform that Connects Readers & Writers around the Globe!

Here's the excerpts from eChai with Atul Purohit, Founder & CEO, Writco  as part of our startup showcase series.

About the team

Atul Purohit (Founder & CEO), a renowned expert with a decade of experience in the book publishing industry. He own traditional book publishing house - Write India Publishers. With an impressive portfolio of over 1000+ published books, Atul' s passion and commitment to the literary world is evident.

Vicky Salunkhe (Co-founder & CTO) , a full stack developer with Top 1% on StackOverflow and a proven track record of success in the technology industry. His innovative thinking and drive for excellence have played a crucial role in shaping the direction of Writco and its technology solutions.

Eureka moment 

Our journey at Writco has been filled with eureka moments that have left us with goosebumps. One such moment was when we acquired our first one lakh users in less than a year. It was a remarkable achievement that highlighted the impact and value of our product.

But that wasn't the only highlight of our year. In the very same year, Writco was recognized as the 'Best Personal Growth App of 2020' by Google Play. This was a proud moment for our team, as it validated the hard work and dedication that we put into developing our platform.

These moments have been a source of inspiration for us, driving us to continue pushing boundaries and achieving even greater success.