#IncryptBLR - Bringing the best blockchain minds of Bangalore together A unique format to dive deep and cut through the noise

Contextual curation of #IncryptBLR - Bringing the best blockchain minds of Bangalore together A unique format to dive deep and cut through the noise.

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How Will Blockchain Actually Change Anything - 5 Speakers cover 5 Use Cases

What’s the big deal with decentralisation? How do I actually visualise any system on blockchain?

What are the coolest projects reimagining various spaces with blockchain?

What’s the big deal with names like Civic, Filecoin, BAT, Golem or Iconomi?

Who will succeed or stumble?

Hear from an expert on each of 5 hot applications shaping the future

Must Knows for Trading Cryptos - Interactive Demo - Aditya Ahluwalia (Stature.network, building a community-driven platform for trading insights) & Chandan Choudhury (Crypto trader at Options Fintech)

Trading cryptos can be fun, but how does a new average retail investor compete with large market movers?

What do I do if “stop loss”, “candlesticks” and “moving averages” are Greek to me?

Are there ways of minimizing trading fees?

Learn from two active crypto traders via a live interactive demo

Beyond the Hype - 5 Speakers Take a Deeper Dive into 5 Tokens

Is Ripple worth as much as Goldman Sachs? Is IOTA as promising as it sounds?

Will Monero or ZCash be the next Bitcoin? What’s so underrated about Lisk?

5 speakers cover 5 coins, and help you ask the deeper and more fundamental questions.

What’s the cutting-edge innovation in each project, or is there any?

Where exactly are these projects headed in the next 12 months?

What are the concerns few people talk about?

Investing in ICOs: Signals & Red Flags to Watch For

Initial Coin Offerings were the rage in 2017, but 2018 is a year of reckoning.

Will 90%+ of ICOs likely go to zero in value? How do you find the hidden gems?

And what should make you run away from a whitepaper?

Kartik Mandaville (Founder of Springrole, building a protocol for attestation on the blockchain)

Abhinav Singh (Co-Founder of Quadarch, India’s first crypto asset based hedge fund)

Swaroop Hegde (Founder of CryptoVigil, for automated tracking of crypto portfolios)

Nitin Sharma (Blockchain & angel investor, ex. founding principal at Lightbox VC)