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I am a practicing CA mainly engaged in Virtual CFO services, Business Strategies, Financial advisory. Also, focusing on upcoming DPDP Act related Compliances.

The eChai Ventures AI Social was a truly great experience.Yesterday, I had a pleasant time discussing various AI topics. The conversation with folks was enlightening, and I learned more about AI applications. Thank you, Jatin Chaudhary and GVFL Limited, for hosting such a wonderful social gathering.

Where do we all use AI nowadays? Be it in presentations, content creation, scanning interviews, job searches, education, on LinkedIn, reviewing documents, scanning documents, in e-commerce businesses using photography, or applying it to other skills.

The discussion on fantastic use cases was enlightening; there's a saying that a lot can happen over a cup of tea. Such great discussions are not always about showcasing who we are but often about understanding where the world is heading. The interaction with a few folks was great, and I'm looking forward to meeting and connecting with you again soon.

The discussion of AI's beautiful use cases across various domains—be it driving AI Nisarg Pandya, AI-driven interviews Vinit B Yadav, the education sector Niraj Harlalka, or the creation of mobile apps through AI—highlights its transformative power and versatility.

Nowadays, we often see blogs and posts from AI, and you can feel the difference between personally written and AI-generated content. It was also noted that sites using AI-generated content will be penalized, and the day may come when you have to credit your article as being generated by AI as thoroughly pointed out by Dipti Parmar.

Great mission of Ekta Shah founder of Biziverse is to empower Indian MSMEs to become world-class. Also discussion with VIKASH RAJPUROHIT founder of VastraApp, which is Vertical SaaS for the Textile Industry, was truly fruitful.

The clever integration of personal website visibility in the background during a concise two-line pitch adds a personalized touch that blends professional presentation .The commendable speed at which these tasks are executed is truly impressive Jatin Chaudhary.

In In the world of finance, as a qualified CA and CISA-certified professional, I look forward to more such use cases in the field, but along with ensuring data privacy and personal privacy. So, to conclude, AI is a companion, and we should use it wisely, not blindly. It can never replace humans but definitely saves time.
Yesterday, I attended eChai Ventures startup demo day at IIMA Ventures and was truly impressed. 🚀 From innovative student ideas to seasoned founders' implementations and exits, there was much to learn. 🎓 The host, Yash Shah, was fantastic, keeping the session engaging and highlighting crucial factors from his journey. 🌟

A key takeaway was identifying the target audience. 🎯 Whether in product or service, not everyone can be your audience. 🎯 Specificity is crucial in selecting your market. 🎯

Starting with identifying urgent problems is essential, as is the focus on saving time and money while generating revenue. ⏳💰

The startup ecosystem revolves around the team, founder, product, sales, and funding. 🔄 Encouraging the team leads to better performance, which drives sales and attracts funding, further fueling business growth. 💼💡

Interns play a vital role, bringing enthusiasm and quick learning to the team. 🎓 Their presence enhances teaching and training skills, contributing to overall team development. 👩‍💼👨‍💼

Importantly, while a good product is necessary, it's not sufficient for success. 🏆 Much more goes into building a thriving startup. 🌱

Last but not the least, pitches from various startups were indeed engaging the audience. Personally, I liked the product presentations from Heatmaphero about giving website page insights and informative dashboard and SarvDhan about identifying customer centric rural finance needs and bridging the gap between unorganised sector and #Banks 🏦/ #nbfcs🪙.

I'm grateful to eChai Ventures, Yash Shah (Host) and Jatin Chaudhary for conducting such a wonderful event and providing an interactive platform for learning and networking. 🙏

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