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Tarjani Shah

Chartered Accountant & Business Developer , Aagam Shah & Associates

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A Chartered Accountant by profession, GST Trainer by passion!!
Talks about | GST Advisory | GST Training | Crafting Knowledge Updates | GST Compliance | GST Reconciliation| GST Audit Expertise | Input Tax Credit Strategies | GST Refunds | Business Journey | Business Development

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Though I'm not much of a television serial enthusiast, I do consider myself a #series kind of person. I've been captivated by "Shark Tank India" and am keen on exploring the US and UK versions soon. My interest in business and wanting to know more about new startup , ideas and founders led me to attend eChai Ventures meetings. 🌍 Yesterday, I attended eChai Ventures at Ahmedabad University.

There's a saying, "Seeing on TV is one thing, but experiencing it live is something entirely different." The difference between a reel and real life is truly fascinating! πŸŽ₯✨ #reelvsreal

I wanted to grow as much as possible and empower as many people as I could. The mantra was, "I don't just want a job for myself; I want to create jobs for many." - #onmyway #startofmyjourney πŸš€

Founders who have made it to Shark Tank India, like Payal Pathak and Soham Payal Pathak of The Simply Salad, shared their journey at an e-chai panel discussion. πŸ₯— "Simply Salad" saw growth from 3k to 9k followers post-Shark Tank and currently boasts 53,000 followers. Inspired by diet and healthy food, the founders believe in the power of authenticity and storytelling. They thought expanding to more cities before appearing on Shark Tank would have been advantageous. 🌱 #healthylife #healthyfood #inspringjourney

In discussions about family support, the consensus is that, while we hope for it, it's often not forthcoming. It's usually a few close people who support you at the start. Social media presence and marketing are key.

Raj Shah from WeHear pointed out that a Shark Tank episode, which lasts 20 minutes on TV, may actually go on for 1.5–2 hours. The foundation of a company lies in its people. #pepole #team #investinpeople

"Why take a flight when you can travel in third economy?" This question underscores the importance of value creation and staying grounded.#staygrounded

This resonates with my personal belief that I don't need expensive gadgets for the sake of it. My journey from coveting an iPhone in school to now prioritizing investment in dreams, vision, and people reflects this ideology. πŸ“±βž‘οΈπŸŒŸ

Nayan Shah co-founder of Maisha Lifestyle, also shared their insights. Failures are seen as learning opportunities. The vision of a firm, like Maisha's aim of providing one bag to every woman, is critical for success. πŸŽ’#vision #goal #learninganddevelopment Esha Shah

Ileshkumar Sharma, founder of Same Notification, shared insights on public perception, there's wisdom in focusing on constructive criticism and ignoring trolls with simple answers. Engaging too much with negative comments offers little benefit. πŸ›‘οΈπŸ’¬ #focus #crticism

If you've attended events, what inspired you, or what is your vision for business and startups? Let's discuss for mutual growth. πŸ’‘πŸ€

Thanks to Jatin Chaudhary eChai Ventures VentureStudio for arranging such a great event!!
I had an amazing Saturday evening at my second visit to the eChai Ventures venture hosted by Yash Shah bhai IIMA Ventures ! The meeting was structured crisply and clearly, starting and ending on time. 😊 

Many startup enthusiasts were present, grappling with the dilemma of pursuing a job or starting their own venture. The fear of financial security often looms large, with thoughts of placement and fixed salary cheques tempting many students. Reflecting on my own journey, I believe that while no timing is perfect, starting early towards your goals is key.Β 

Viraj Rajani did a great job as a cohost, asking really good questions that young entrepreneurs could relate to.

For those already embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, decisions around funding, exits, target audience, and sustainability are paramount. The importance of cofounders was emphasized, along with the necessity of differentiation in the market. Simply lowering prices isn't enough; offering additional value and services can set you apart.Β 

Yash bhai eloquently articulated this point, which resonated deeply with me. It reminded me of my own experiences; newcomers needn't slash fees but should focus on delivering exceptional service. Lowering fees may attract clients initially, but loyalty isn't guaranteed. πŸ’ΌΒ 

The session was highly interactive, with various startups pitching ideas ranging from loan-related ventures SarvDhan to e-waste collection and website analytics Heatmaphero . It was a valuable opportunity to learn from seasoned founders and exchange knowledge.Β 

My purpose in attending was to connect with people, learn about their ideas, and gain insights into navigating the business landscape. Thanks to Yash bhai for hosting such a wonderful eventβ€”I'm glad I attended! πŸŽ‰Β