Tarun Kumar - Director, Energy Saver Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Tarun Kumar

Director, Energy Saver Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

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The times are changing... and there will never be a perfect moment.
I’m Tarun, your Force Multiplier
Force Multipliers means a factor or a combination of factors that gives you the ability to accomplish greater things than without it.
I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and organizations to help them emerge as a Leader by overcoming their limiting beliefs, through effective interventions, and organizational development. For over three decades it has been my passion to help professionals & entrepreneurs RE-DISCOVER themselves and take their lives to another level irrespective of where they already are.
My endeavor is to acquaint you with my learnings from the Army days which are very much relevant in the business world today and these transferrable skills have been condensed under Battlefield to Boardroom strategies that can be customized for every entity/organization.
The underlying philosophy that guides all my work is, “If you’re irritated by every rub, How will you ever be polished”. In other words, I will help you find your why and work on your How?

These words by Sam Altman inspire me to mentor startups as these young entrepreneurs need hand-holding and guidance to sail through the turbulent ocean of opportunity. Most startups will fail, so you can say everything sucks and be right most of the time. Although you never lose money with that strategy, you never make any either. A friend of mine likes to say "there are two kinds of people in the world - the people that build the future, and the people who write posts on the internet about why they'll fail". Keep trying to be in the former category. The people who have said there is nothing new left to do in the world have been wrong every time.
Don't let their lack of imagination hold you back.
Currently, I have my own startup in deep tech space where we’re trying to disrupt the life cycle management of equipment through our proprietary Machine-GPT and RCM software. In addition I’ve angel invested in three Start-up companies in diverse sectors and am actively engaging with multiple others in the Fintech, Drones, Space and healthcare sectors. As an active mentor of Digital Futuristic Angel Network, influencer on The Entrepreneurs of India, and Channel partner with Business Leadership League, networking is second nature to me. I like listening to pitches and brainstorming with the founders.
I'm not addicted to funding startups.
I'm addicted to working closely with entrepreneurs.
I am hugely passionate about the concept of human brilliance - we become what we believe. I spend time to recognizes trends and patterns to help others understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior probably because of my military background to sense the lurking danger in the shadows. I’m also your devil’s Advocate with the ability and conviction to ask uncomfortable questions to founders and team which if not done will take the startup down south.
Investment Thesis
“Develop a painkiller; not a vitamin”
Success is not an entitlement. You have to get out there and earn it every day for the rest of your life to make it big. Stop chasing the wrong priorities & the right things will automatically catch up with you.
A prolific speaker, certified coach, author, influencer, motivator, MBA in HR, a security
consultant. I believe that we all have the potential to be entrepreneurs but for me, if I can’t be the King, let me be the King-maker.

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