Open for AllBangalore

Product Growth Meetup in Bengaluru

July 13


Draper Startup House Koramangala, Terrace, 5th Floor, Startup Lane, No.384, 1st A Main Rd, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095.
We'll have the candid panel conversation with founders and product leaders which will be followed by open pitches from early stage founders.
Featured participants:

Looking to network with founders to build ideas to PMF at fractional cost.

Looking for new Product opportunities.

Exploring growth hacks for mobile apps

Looking for Tech co-founders for Language learning venture based on GenAI

Looking forward to learn to grow my product business

Looking to exploring new product opportunities and networking.

Eager to expand my network with fellow enthusiasts and share insights.

Reducing cost by 50% and risk by 75% to budding founders.

Hiring developers for a IT services firm.

Helping businesses build customer-first product roadmaps

Looking for Potential Customers

Exploring the startup ecosystem and different industries in Bangalore

Like to discuss Renewable energy, sustainable tech.

Looking for business co founders for a fintech startup idea

Just Exploring the what the event is all about

Digital marketer exploring different sectors

I am looking to connect and learn from like-minded people!

Exploring possibility of meaningful connections and shared goals.

Exploring Product Growth hacks in Startups

innovative green startup ideas

Seeking insights on career advancement in media tech

Looking out to network with the Product Management Community.

Meet & network with founders & PMs in Sustainability and Green Energy

Looking to connect and learn from like-minded people!

Looking for tech cofounders and learn growth hacks.

Helping Prod Leader build product 80% faster, 53% less risk & 50% less cost

Experience SaaS Marketer Who Recently Started His Own Agency

Building a team for making new ideas into product.

Looking forward to meet tech founders for collaboration

scouting for app/website developers with great aesthetics

I am looking to connect with others passionate about scaling products.

Just exploring to know more about the community

Looking for tech cofounders and learn growth hacks

Looking for Founders in Marketing

Interested in learning hacks in growth for a PM

Looking forward to networking and learning more about the PM space

Interested in SaaS product partnerships

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