Anubha Maneshwar

Founder, GirlScript Foundation

More about Anubha Maneshwar

Anubha Maneshwar founded a non-profit company called GirlScript Foundation to help beginners in technology. Currently, her organization is working in 56 cities of India and has impacted over 40000 beginners. She has been featured in Forbes Under 30 Asia List of 2020 under the Social Entrepreneurs category and in Top 8 of Technology Playmaker Award by at London UK. She is the winner of the Indian Women Leadership Excellence Award, 35 Under 35 Awards in Best Startup for Education Category and India's Top 100 Young Leaders Award. A mentor at Mozilla Open Leaders Program, Learn IT Girl and speaker at Tedx, PyCon North America. She loves to help people and wants to transform how the education system works in India via tech and communities. 

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