Archana Purohit Agrawal - Startup Advisor & Consultant, Angel Investor

Archana Purohit Agrawal

Startup Advisor & Consultant, Angel Investor

More about Archana Purohit Agrawal

Archana Purohit, a dynamic entrepreneur, CXO level leader and Angel Investor, has charted an impressive trajectory in the realms of media, entrepreneurship, and corporate leadership. Transitioning seamlessly from print to digital media, she played pivotal roles at Franchise India Media as bureau head in Mumbai before spearheading digitalization as a Director in her family business, The Hitavada ( central India’s largest circulating English Daily)

Undeterred by familial roles, Archana, a fourth-generation entrepreneur, founded Digital Ozone in 2018, propelling it to success with a modest capital. As CEO, she led the agency to serve 50+ prominent brands, achieving a remarkable 90% retainer rate. Even during the pandemic, her team thrived, servicing over 100 brands with innovative digital solutions.

Her entrepreneurial prowess caught the eye of eYantra Industries, leading to the acquisition and rebranding of Digital Ozone in 2021. She lead the team there as CEO of eYantra Industries, up until December 2023.  Archana steered  a team of 70+ professionals, driving marketing strategies for global FinTech, EdTech, and Health-tech entities like iSprout, Zaggle, Tax Spanner ECmas, Zuchi to name a few. And and touching down a turnover of 500+ cr. 

Her transformative work earned her Business World's 40 Under 40 award in 2023.

An ISB alumni and continuous learner, Archana brings a wealth of experience from working with 100+ leading brands. Based in Hyderabad, she combines a global perspective from international assignments with a focus on collaborating with high-energy start-ups in advisory or directorial roles. 

Archana is a trailblazer, adept at envisioning growth and driving success for growth-centric enterprises.

🚀 Excited to share insights from my talk at eChai Startup Saturday where we delved into the heart of GTM strategy for early-stage bootstrapped startups! 💼

🎙️ The most burning question of the day for the panel being moderated by Gopi Krishna Gantala was: "How to plan a killer GTM strategy?"

Here's a quick breakdown of the key takeaways:

1️⃣ Define Your Target Market/Audience: 🔍 Start by identifying who your product is for and where to find them. This crucial step shapes your messaging and content strategy.

2️⃣ Clarify Your Primary Objective - Branding or Selling: 💰 Determine if your focus is on building brand awareness or driving immediate sales. This decision will guide your ROI calculations and budget alignment.

3️⃣ Craft a Long-Term Vision: 🔮 What's your grand plan for the future? Do you want to build a #lifestylebusiness or work up towards a high value #investment table. Knowing this helps build a Unique Selling Proposition (#USP) and validates your business strategy.

Remember, the magic happens when these three factors align seamlessly! ✨

Big thanks to eChai Ventures & Jatin Chaudhary orchestrating such an incredible event, and The Headquarters for being a hospitable venue partner🙌

Gratitude to the engaged audience and fellow panelists Shreyes Manyam & Pradeep Reddy many for making this Saturday a power-packed session of learning and collaboration. 🚀 Let's keep the momentum going! 💼
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

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