Bhavini Kamdar

Founder & CEO, Outliers Publishing

More about Bhavini Kamdar

Bhavini Mehta is a new generation entrepreneur who believes in empowering and lifting people around her. She started her career at a very young age tasting the corporate culture, soon to realise that she was not made for it.

Bhavini is born in India. She received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Christ College in 2004 and an MBA (Finance) from AESPG Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 2006 . She began her career in banking with HDFC Bank Ltd. A serial entrepreneur, Bhavini has founded multiple businesses including a loan channel partner company with HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. She has recently founded a full-service publishing company – Outliers Publishing

She firmly believes that women can achieve all that a man can and much more, however, there exists a difficult phase in every woman’s professional life when she decides to plan a family. Bhavini faced it herself too and that acted as a motivating factor for her to create a workspace that is conducive to all the women in that special phase of their lives. Her business focuses on employing work from home mothers and women students who need support in their further studies. “There is opportunity for everyone, you must be vigilant to grab those” is her mantra for life and her advice for all. 

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