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Nikita Maheshwari
Co-Founder, Tatkalorry.com
Ahmedabad, India
Darshan Dashani
Founder, Tea Post
Ahmedabad, India
Abhilash Sonwane
Angel Investor
Ahmedabad, India
Mignesh Parekh
Founder & CEO, Karmakarah Tech
Toronto, Canada

More about Darshan Dashani

Tea Post is the brain-child of Rajkot based businessman Darshan Dashani who fell in love with tea first and then came up with the idea of setting up tea cafes to sell tea. With over 160 outlets spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh , Tea Post is one of the fastest food startups to make its mark across the region. The idea behind starting a tea cafe or a tea kisok was simple - we wanted to serve good quality tea and snacks at competitive rates and cater to the out of home tea craving for students, office goers, senior citizens and families. Our aim is to facilitate the availability of hygienic tea, food along with a nice and inexpensive place to hang out. We wanted to become a part of everyone's day-to-day life and we did.

The way Mr. Dashani puts it, "When I travelled abroad I Saw people getting their daily caffeine fix and breakfast from cafes and I realised we could bring this culture to India also. I just tweaked it by serving regular Indian tea and food items and we were all set to roll."

Featured speakers at eChai events